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Teresa Woodhull Photography

Bryan & Becca // hitched // Aspen Maroon Bells Wedding Photographer

Teresa Woodhull

Becca and Bryans wedding almost...ALMOST...didn't happen. And not because they didn't want it to, but because when we arrived at the Maroon Bells the weather was awful. The wind was crazy strong, grandmas were getting blown away, definitely some hail...not looking good.

30 minutes in though, in true Colorado fashion, the clouds departed (albeit for 20 minutes) and the sun shone down just long enough for them to say I do. 

After that, the clouds rolled back in as quickly as they had departed, but we managed to get all the shots we needed, and I left one happy camper :)

On My Speakers: Our House - Misterwives

Leilani & Danny // portrait // Seattle, WA

Teresa Woodhull

It was pouring cold rain, but we did it folks. We drank some mimosas, put on semi-decent rain gear (ok I was under prepared), manned up, and got some lovey dovey portraits. The only break we took was, for obviously, more alcohol, to numb our already numb toes. And despite me catching a terrible cold, I got to try bubble tea, which I now have an unhealthy obsession with. And I got to spend a perfect (in my eyes) 24 hours in Seattle with some of my favorites. 

On My Speakers: Wonderful Christmastime - The Strokes

Kathleen & Joe // hitched // Telluride, CO

Teresa Woodhull

Telluride is unreal.

The Gorrono Ranch, tucked in a cozy corner of the San Juan mountains, is just as unreal.

Throw in a beautiful fall day and you've got yourself one of the most beautiful weddings you've ever been lucky enough to be invited to ;)

On My Speakers: Watercolors - machineheart

Sean & Danielle // hitched // Colorado Springs, CO

Teresa Woodhull

When a wedding day happens to coincide with a blizzard, I get nervous. Will my car make it ok? Will everyone else make it ok? Will I get the outdoor shots I need/reaaaalllly reeeaaalllyy want?!

Welp. No worries needed with this crew. 

They prayer for snow and man, did they get it. Danielle and her family are from Florida, so it was definitely a bit of a shock for them. And for me? Well I definitely got the shots I wanted, and then some. Thanks to Danielle & Sean for freezing their butts off with me, it was TOTALLY worth it :)

On My Speakers: Budapest - George Ezra

Amanda & Pete // hitched // Cancun, MX

Teresa Woodhull

We met Amanda and Pete through my good friend from college, who is also named Amanda. When they offered to bring us to Mexico with them  to photograph their wedding, we were BEYOND ecstatic. An all inclusive weekend with a sweet group of people and we get to document it? SOLD. 

We were initially worried (and when I say we worried, I mean mostly me - take note at Woody making various cameos below, fitting right in ;) ) that we might feel like outsiders, that we might weird people out by being the strangers with the bulky cameras. Worrying quickly proved to have been a complete waste of time. From the second we arrived, it was clear that we were welcome as friends, which meant celebrating and partaking right along side everyone else. 

Below are some of our favorites from our four days with the Amanda-Pete wedding pachanga.

Seriously some of the most fun we've ever had.

On My Speakers: an episode of New Girl!