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Denver, CO

(786) 972-4437

Teresa Woodhull Photography: Colorado based wedding photographer with a love for intimate mountain weddings and destination weddings and elopements.

Teresa Woodhull Photography

Sneak Peek: Jeannette & Jeremy - Breckenridge, CO

Teresa Woodhull

Most times when I arrive somewhere for a wedding, I can sort of guess how the day is gonna go in the first 10 minutes. 99% of the time I am completely right -  it's probably because I've spent 10 years as a server, so over time I have gotten pretty good at reading personalities.

This past Saturday I was completely wrong. And it felt good to be surprised.

Let's just say this - the end of the party wasn't just dancing. It was soul train.  

On My Speakers: Breezeblocks - Alt-J