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Teresa Woodhull Photography: Colorado based wedding photographer with a love for intimate mountain weddings and destination weddings and elopements.

Teresa Woodhull Photography

Betsy & Connor - Mt. Sanitas Engagement Session - Boulder Engagement Photographer

Teresa Woodhull

 Betsy, Connor and their adorable puppy Teddy during their Mount Sanitas engagement session!

I’ve been dreaming of summer lately (actually, let’s get real here, I dream of summer year round, as it’s in my Cuban blood) and have been literally counting down the days to this Sunday, which is daylight savings. Of course, I say I’m super excited for longer days now, but I’m not entirely sure how Luna’s 7 PM bedtime will fly when the sun is going down at 9 (thank god for blackout shades). Still, I think I prefer those consequences over the winter 4 pm sunsets. Those kill me.

Anywho, this session has me thinking a lot about summer engagement sessions and some of the fun places I want to check out this year once the trails are officially snow free. I have a wedding down in Buena Vista later this year and I think it would be super fun to kill two birds and check out the Great Sand Dunes while we are down there. Another spot that I’ve also never spent time in is Ouray, so Woody and I were talking about taking a few days to make the trek and do some camping (and photograph some awesome folks!) out there.

Apart from summer, this hiking engagement session also has me thinking about wildflower season. I always thought you had to venture deep into the mountains to catch a glimpse of some gorgeous blooms, but as I found out last summer, you can find some right here on the front range. This engagement session was at Mount Sanitas in Boulder, and these blue flowers were a total surprise, since I wasn't expecting them. Connor and Betsy brought their adorable puppy Teddy and he even wore a bowtie. I can't deal when clients bring their pups, it's so stinkin cute! Anyways, enough out of me, enjoy this couples session, and keep an eye out for Connor and Betsy's wedding later this year!

 Connor, Betsy and their adorable puppy Teddy at Mount Sanitas!
 The wildflowers at Mount Sanitas and Betsy's super awesome tattoo!
 Connor, Betsy and Teddy during their Mount Sanitas, Boulder engagement session.
 Betsy and Connor snuggling during their Mount Sanitas engagement session.
 Connor kissing Betsy on the nose during their Boulder Engagement session.
 Connor and Betsy snuggling during their Boulder, Colorado engagement session
 Betsy and Connor laughing during their Colorado engagement session.
 Betsy and Connor hugging during their Mount Sanitas engagement session.
 Connor and Betsy among the wildflowers during their Mount Sanitas engagement session.
 Betsy's awesome tattoos have me super jealous and wanting some more tattoos stat!
 Connor, Betsy and Teddy walking together on the trail at Mount Sanitas.
 Connor, Betsy and Teddy being a super cute little family at their Mount Sanitas engagement session.
 Betsy and Connor snuggling with their puppy Teddy during their Mount Sanitas engagement session in Boulder, Colorado.
 Betsy and Connor snuggling and kissing during their Mount Sanitas engagement session.
 Betsy and Connor engagement session in the wildflowers in Colorado.
 Connor sneaking a kiss during their Mount. Sanitas engagement session in Boulder, Colorado.
 Betsy's gorgeous engagement ring.
 Colorado Wildflower engagement session.
 A black and white image of Betsy hugging Connor during their hiking engagement session at Mount Sanitas.
 Betsy and Connor hiking with their pup.
 I love this image of Betsy and Connor and how he is holding her.
 Betsy and Connor killing it in their outfits.

On My Speakers: Sufjan Stevens

Heather and Darren - Maroon Bells Destination Wedding - Aspen Intimate Wedding Photographer - Aspen, Colorado

Teresa Woodhull

 Darren kissing Heather on the cheek.

My New Years Resolution this year (I know what you're thinking - it's March girl, time to let that go) was to blog more. Way more. Like, I made a goal for myself to blog about my amazing clients once a week - starting with all the stuff I shot over the last two years that I didn't get to blog about because I was either preparing/pushing a baby out of my body or taking care of said baby. And I'm determined to stick to it. Even if it means going way back, because these stories deserve be shared and told. So, with that said, here is Heather and Darren's rainy yet stunning intimate wedding from last August at the Maroon Bells. 

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan and prepare, there are still forces against you on your wedding day. A vendor is running late. There is an electrical issue. The best man forgets his pants. Mother Nature decides she's in a mood and is gonna bring everyone down with her. 2017 brought all of the above, but man, Mama N was especially tough to deal with. It seems as though every other weekend I was dealing with some scarzy (yes that's scary and crazy in one word, I typed it out like that and have decided it will remain as such) weather. And all of my couples were like "WELP. Let's do this!", which I think speaks volumes as to the kinds of people they will be when hard times come their way, and how they will face the ups and downs that come with being in a committed relationship.

When Heather and Darren arrived at the Maroon Bells for their wedding ceremony, they didn't even bat an eyelash. Rain? Grab an umbrella folks. This is happening. They walked down the aisle in the rain, were trekking through the mud for me, and eventually Heather even went wading in the lake (which actually helped get some mud and dirt off the bottom of her dress). H & D, thank you so much for letting me capture your love at the Maroon Bells and for being so incredibly cool! 

 Maroon Bells on a foggy summer day.
 Maroon Bells Amphitheater sign.
 Heather walking down with her dad during her Maroon Bells Ceremony.
 A wedding guest at this Maroon Bells Destination Wedding.
 Darren taking in Heather during their Maroon Bells Wedding.
 Heather and Darren's Wedding Guests at their Maroon Bells Wedding Ceremony. 
 Rainy day ceremony at the Maroon Bells.
 Heather during her Maroon Bells Wedding Ceremony
 Heather and Darren during their wedding vows at the Maroon Bells.
 Heather during their wedding vows at the Maroon Bells.
 Heather and Darren's ring bearer, their yellow lab.
 The bride and groom during their vows.
 A guest using a disposable camera.
 Heather and Darren exchanging rings at the Maroon Bells.
 Maroon Bells Wedding with their officiant.
 Heather while Darren is expressing his love during their Maroon Bells ceremony.
 An emotional officiant.
 Heather laughing during Darrens vows.
 Darren laughing at Heathers vows.
 Right before they say I do!
 A guest at this Maroon Bells wedding ceremony.
 Heather and Darren before they say I do.
 A happy bride on her wedding day.
 Heather and Darren exchanging rings.
 Heather and Darren sharing their first kiss as husband and wife at the Maroon Bells!
 Heather and Darren embracing during their rainy day ceremony.
 Heather's wedding flowers.
 Heather and Darren slow dancing together.
 Darren holding Heather close.
 Heather standing in front of Maroon Bells.
 Heather and Darren enjoying their first dance as husband and wife in a field.
 Heather holding Darren in front of the Maroon Bells.
 Darren and Heather during their Aspen Destination Wedding.
 Heather and Darren walking through a field in front of the Maroon Bells.
 Heather and Darren when the sun came out during their Maroon Bells wedding.
 Heather and Darren on the left, Heather walking towards the lake on the right.
 Heather and Darren holding hands during their Maroon Bells Elopement.
 Heather and Darren laughing as they walk the trails at the Maroon Bells on their wedding day.
 Heather decided to take a quick dip in the lake!
 Heather and Darren having an intimate embrace.
 Heather and Darren posing in front of the bells.
 Heather and Darren sharing an intimate moment after their Maroon Bells cerermony
 It was so muddy during their Aspen Wedding but Heather and Darren did not mind at all!

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