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Denver, CO

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Teresa Woodhull Photography: Colorado based wedding photographer with a love for intimate mountain weddings and destination weddings and elopements.

Teresa Woodhull Photography

Jess & Courtney: City Park - Denver, CO

Teresa Woodhull

In lieu of today's Pride Fest I thought I'd share a recent shoot with Jess & Courtney, who get married in August.

To me, love comes in all forms.

And when two people's love is this great, it doesn't matter what form it's in. 

I'm glad I got to share this one today. I have SO much left to post, but I've been running around like a mad woman, and it's a miracle I haven't lost my mind. This is my first real summer of shooting full time, and while I'm absolutely terrified, I'm also excited for the way my portfolio will look at the end of summer.

Uber excited. 


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