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Hi there! I'm glad you're here. I'd love to tell you all about me, but it would be a telenovela, so I will try to keep it short.

The basics: I'm originally from Miami, FL, and my parents are both Cuban immigrants. I am married to a man named Matt (but everyone calls him Woody), and we have beautiful, sassy little daughter named Luna (if it's not already obvious, we are obsessed with her), and a three legged pup named Bowser. We live in Denver, but travel all over for the sake of capturing beautiful and genuine moments.

A bit more in depth: Becoming a mom has seriously been one of the happiest experiences of my life, and it's been so unexpectedly beautiful. I prefer beer over wine these days (though I've noticed that's a seasonal thing), I love the frijoles negros my mother makes, and I love bright sunny days listening to the music that my grandfather listens to. I love tea, saucy telenovelas, summer, impromptu dance parties, in depth conversations devoid of small talk, and living in a place where there is basically no humidity (good hair day, erry day) and hardly any bugs. Spanish was my first language, and I love anything that has to do with my Cuban heritage. Lastly, I feel so incredibly grateful for the work I do and the people it leads me to every day.

How I work: You won't find super posed couples or 57 ring pics in the images I deliver. You'll find lots of candids of people dancing their butts off (the reception is my FAV!), kids picking their noses, and sentimental dads - the stuff that matters. It is so important to me that I embrace the role of a witness on your wedding day. For a long time, I believed that every wedding I shot had to follow some sort of Pinterest rubric. Now I know that every wedding is wonderfully, beautifully unique and authentic in it’s own way, and I strive to capture that as truthfully as I can, keeping in mind what will matter most in 20, 30, 40+ years.

I think that having had my own wedding has helped me maintain a better perspective when photographing the weddings of others. While I love all of my images, the ones that I love the most are my husband tearing up during our vows, my mom hugging me right after the ceremony, and my grandmother cutting a rug on the dance floor during the reception. It’s funny how the moments I thought I would want (super posed group wedding party shots, fabricated ones of my husband and I) have actually been the ones that matter the least. I keep this in mind when shooting weddings I have the privilege of capturing, constantly observing with an open mind and heart.

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