First Year

Mallory Padilla // 1st year // Colorado

Sometimes (no actually more like 99.9% of the time) I become terrified of possibly being a mom one day. I worry that I might be a terrible mother. I worry I might not like being a mom. Or that maybe, I might not like my child. What if I can't provide for my kid? Or worse - what if everything is ok, but there's an illness or accident and all the sudden I'm mourning the death of my child? 

And then I remember the thing we all must remember when we get into these mindsets - that at the end of the day, it's all out of our control. And whatever is going to happen, can happen. But I won't sit here and be afraid of the what if's or the maybes. Life is unpredictable, and going around thinking the worst all the time is exhausting and quite frankly, a huge waste of time.

In short, I do plan on having kiddos, and I do plan on going through all the ups and downs that come with it, the sadness and happiness, the surprises and the changes.

Am I terrified? Hell yea.

Is that ok? Absolutely.

What makes it all better? Knowing that this momma over here did it with flying colors and is raising one of the cutest little girls I know. It was so much fun documenting the first year of Mallory's life. From her funny hair in the beginning to watching her get the hang of walking, it makes it all seem well worth the challenge :)

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