Rachel & Dave: Longmont, CO

There were so many epic things about this wedding. Instead of rambling on like I usually do, I'm just gonna list them out, cause honestly, ya'll just need to KNOW how epic this wedding was. 

1. Rachel and Dave are both red heads. 

2. Tears ran freely here. And it wasn't the oh-how-embarrassing sort of tears. But it was more of like the she's crying because he's crying, and now he's laughing because she's crying, so now she's laughing at him because he's crying, and now I'm crying even more because I'm laughing so much, and now everyone within a 50 foot radius is crying and laughing. Pure euphoria all over the damn place. 

3. They wanted all fun pictures. In fact, they had more fun then I did taking them. Awesome. 

4. Rachel was a DIY queen. EVERYTHING was pretty much made by her. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had made her own dress, and somehow between getting married and taking pictures had cooked all the food too.

5. The food...was a taco buffet. Enough said.

6. They were going to Disney for their honeymoon. Talk about inner little kids. 

7. They had a sparkler exit, which a lot of people do, but wait for it....they exited ON A TANDEM BIKE. Again, epic. 

I went home happy as a clam after this one. 

On My Speakers: Matilda - Alt-J (I'm obsessed)