Berthod Pass

Steve & Celina - Winter Park Engagement Session - Snowy Berthod Pass Engagement


Well guys, Celina and Steve are officially the cutest. They came in from Texas in hopes of having a snowy mountain engagement session in May. They met me on the top of Berthod Pass, which I thought might be the best way to capture the kind of engagement session they would love, and I was right! It was a perfect spring afternoon on the mountain - not too cold, not too wet, and only a tiny bit cloudy. Because it was late spring though, we kept walking on (what we thought) was packed down snow and kept falling like 2 feet through the crusty top layer, which made walking hysterical but also kind of a terrifying guessing game. At one point, Celina jumped on Steve's back and down he went (pictured below). It always amazes me how deep the snow can be after a long season! Anywho, we basically spent most of the session laughing, which I love. Don't get me wrong - I love the occasional moody couples session, and the vibes those sessions give off, but I think that my strong suit lies in laughing with others and capturing people not taking themselves too seriously. I tend to be the most awkward/clumsy human on the planet, which I think (and hope) helps people open up feel less awkward themselves! 

Berthod Pass engagement sessions and Winter Park engagement sessions are some of my favorites - if you live in Colorado, you know that it's only about an hour and 15ish (without traffic - with traffic is a whole other ball game) from Denver, which makes it a great spot to have an adventurous engagement session without the commitment of driving a million miles. Plus, I have a soft spot for Winter Park because it's the first town I lived in when I first moved to Colorado (and also the place where I learned to snowboard, which led to my first every bruised tailbone, but I won't bore you with that story, haha). Congrats again Steve and Celina! 

A close up of Celina's engagement ring.
Steve and Celine on top of Berthod Pass for an engagement session.
Steve whispering something funny in Celina's ear during their snowy engagement shoot.
Steve and Celina hug it out for their Berthod Pass engagement session. 
Celina's dress blowing in the wind.
Steve and Celina during their Winter Park engagement session.
Steve and Celina at the top of Berthod Pass.
An intimate hug during Steve and Celina's Winter Park engagement session.
Snowy engagement shoot with Celina and Steve in Winter Park, Colorado.
Black and white shot of Steve and Celina during their Fraser engagement session.
Steve and Celina trying hard not to fall through the snow.
Steve and Celina with the continental divide in the background during their Berthod Pass engagement session.
An intimate, snowy engagement session in the Colorado Rockies.
Steve and Celina at the top of Berthod Pass.
Celina and Steve during their Berthod Pass engagement session.
Snow falling lightly on Steve & Celina.
Steve and Celina being intimate under the snow.
Celina & Steve playing in the snow during their Winter Park engagement session.
Steve and Celina walking during their Winter Park engagement session.
Steve and Celina with the continental divide in the background.
Steve and Celina being silly during their Tabernash engagement shoot.
Steve and Celina hugging during their Devil's Thumb engagement session.