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Carrie and Keith - Springfield Gazebo - Illinois Wedding Photographer


One of the first times I ever hung out with Woody was about 9 years ago at a house that he, Keith and a few other U of I guys shared up in Winter Park. They were having friends over to play a game of kill (basically hacky sack for adults), and while I won’t get into the rules, the point of the game is to get other people to drink - a lot. Well, that was my first time hanging out with Keith and the crew from Illinois. I hardly remember the evening (cause shots), but it means the world to me, because that night was the beginning of several of my closest friendships.

I met Carrie that fall as well, but she wasn’t living out in Winter Park, and her and Keith were in their “we’re just best friends” phase. You could tell that there had always been a connection and some underlying flirting going on though, so as soon as they made it official we were all like ‘BOUT TIME! When they asked me to photograph their wedding this July, I was beyond honored and so incredibly excited!

Some of my favorite moments from this Springfield wedding - the vows. The first dance. and the big heads. Let’s break that down:

The vows: Keith and Carrie chose to read vows to each other, in private, before their ceremony. It was done shortly after their first look, and I could hardly look through my viewfinder because my ugly crying was out of control. I have been loving this trend (soon to be tradition, if I have anything to do with it) SOOO MUCH. I feel like it takes the pressure off reading your most intimate thoughts and feelings about each other in front of others. Some couples keep the vows the same, and its more like a practice round. Others have read something a bit more private in front of each other, and had something simpler prepared for the ceremony. Either way, it’s a beautiful moment to share with one another, and if it already isn’t obvious, I highly encourage it!

The first dance: They had an AMAZING choreographed first dance. It’s moments like these that make me wish I was a videographer, because sometimes images just don’t convey the awesomeness!

The big heads: They make appearances throughout, and it’s hysterical. everyone should have big heads of themselves on their wedding day!

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Dress: Hayley Paige

Wedding Planner: CP Events

Hair Stylist: Jessica Bartlett

Make Up Artist: Morgan Carroll

Floral: Harvest and Bloom

DJ: Sam Sevener

Venue: Washington Park Gazebo - Springfield, IL

Caterer: 5 Flavors